Welcome to the triplets page. My name is Rossi Craig and, along with my husband, I attempt to look after our 2 year old triplet girls; Annabella, Cara and Sophia.

These are my first children and so when I first discovered I was expecting, I was excited to join the ranks of motherhood. Soon, however, I learned that I was not having one wee bundle of joy; I was having three. As lucky as we are to have become a family of five so quickly, I found that expecting and then having triplets can at times be very overwhelming, scary and isolating.

As first time parents of triplets, we wanted to feel like parents of singletons. Not because I wish I had one child, I love my three girls to bits but I wanted our kids to have the same attention, advantages and fun experiences as any other child. Yet triplets are not like singletons; they’re not even like having multiple singletons. Having three infants of the same age brings constant logistic issues and as parents we have to solve problems that parents of one child never need to consider. Can a triple buggy fit in the back of the car or through a doorway? How do you give bottles or breast feed all three when they are hungry at the same time? Will the doctor allow us to bring three children in at the same time? What is the parent-child ratio in the toddler/baby class? Does this restaurant have three high chairs?

Logistically, coping with triplets can be that bit more difficult than coping with twins - we only have two arms each after all. Sleeping, feeding, changing, taking them out – the dynamics of having three individuals makes everything slightly more challenging but then there are also amazing times when I see them all playing together & laughing and I think we are incredible lucky to get this unique experience.

As a member of the Edinburgh and Lothian’s Twins and Multiples Club (ELTMC), you’ll know that carrying, delivering and looking after any level of multiples is a difficult task, so the support this club provides is invaluable. I felt very lucky that when I first found out I was expecting triplets I contacted the ELTMC and was put in touch with another triplet mum living in Edinburgh who had already had triplets and I was able to meet with her & ask all the nagging and worrying questions that had been playing on mind since I had my first scan. Since then I have met 2 other sets of triplet mums through the club & countless other amazing twin mums and their support, advice and friendship throughout the first couple of years of bringing up my girls has been so important to me.

I hope I can return this kindness and this club can help support other triplet mums like me, whether you’re expecting triplets, have got newborn triplets or have older triplets.

My hope for this club is to provide a source of information, a place to ask questions, a sounding-board for thoughts and ideas and perhaps, most importantly, a space where parents can get support. Please feel free to email me personally or contact the club. It would be really wonderful if we could build up a support network of triplet parents, people who have been through or are going through similar situations. Support is a vital element when dealing with multiples so please get in touch.

email - triplets@edinburghtwins.co.uk

Rossi and girls
Rossi and family