Listed below are some links on the Web which you may find useful


Tamba - Twins And Multiple Births Association - is the UK's leading twins and triplets charity.


The BBC have kindly given us permission to link to the CBeebies site. If you haven't yet given your multiples the chance to use a computer, start here. Lots of games and things to learn involving their favourite CBeebies characters.

Doula UK

"Doula" (pronounced "doola") is a Greek word meaning "woman servant or caregiver". It now refers to an experienced woman who offers emotional and practical support to a woman (or couple) before, during and after childbirth.

Families OnlineĀ 

Details events and outings specifically in the Edinburgh area.

Kiki and Bree - For all things Twins

Share your experiences and buy beautiful things for twins. Share, support, shop - and all without leaving the house.


Produced by Parents. Great place to share ideas and get tips and advice.

Parents Online

Run by parents. Aims to help anyone who's looking after children of primary school age.

Precious Little One

ood source of advice on looking after babies and toddlers. Also handy shopping guides, sections devoted to education, healthcare and an A-Z of babynames.

Raising Kids

Children up to the age of 18 are catered for here. Covers babies month by month development and age-old problems such as " Why won't my children listen to me ?" and " How can I stop siblings fighting with each other ?"

Travelling with Children

This link to a page full of advice submitted by one of our readers, "I saw this last week and thought it was great" - thanks Danny. (Note, no endorsement of any particular travel destination is implied!)


UK Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Association made up of parents, professional carers and researchers.


UK based multiples website for parents and parents-to-be of twins, triplets, quads and more !!


Interesting and useful information about twins and more.

Twins Magazine

Information resources for parents of twins, triplets, and more. Sample articles. Subscriptions, books and special gifts for families with multiples.

Twins OnLine

For parents of twins and twins themselves, aimed mainly at those who have twins as first time parents!

UK Parents

Excellent community site to catch up with other parents and to chat over problems. Ther's even a section specifically for Dads!

If you come across any other useful links on your web travels, please let us know.