**Our membership process is currently under review. For further details and to request membership please email membership@edinburghtwins.co.uk**

Your pledge of support for the ELTMC will help to fund important groups that we provide, free of charge, to new and expectant parents. The newly established breastfeeding support group is a vital resourse for new parents, and our long established multiple support groups which run in Edinburgh and West Lothian are a great source of information for new and existing parents. There are always new challenges! We also use this money to buy new toys for the BBT groups across the area and it help to subsidise or make completely free many of the social events we run through the year. There are at least 5 of these per year and it's nice for us to be able to offer for free if we can.

Thank you so much for your support and we hope it continues and that we, as a club, can continue to support you.

If you join the Edinburgh Twins Club (for the small cost of £12 pa), you will also get the following benefits, along with the warm feeling you are already getting for helping others about to embark on their journey with twins:

  • Discounts from a number of companies including 10% discount at Maddie and Marks and selected branches of Clarks (savings on new shoes will more than pay for your membership fee!)
  • Support from people who are in the same position as yourself
  • Weekly Bumps, Babies and Toddler sessions
  • Monthly Parent Support groups
  • Regular Newsletters
  • Organised Social Events, including family events and evening events just for mums and dads
  • "Swap Shop" or "Wanted" - details of equipment, toys and clothes for sale or wanted by members on our Facebook page
  • Library of books and leaflets
  • Continued support as your twins get older through our +3 group and our social events

Lifetime Membership

There is now also the option for you to be a lifetime member of the ELTMC. This will incur a one of payment of £50. We feel this is a great deal as the average member gets many benefits out of the club until their twins turn 5, and many for much longer. It also saves you having to get pesky reminders once a year from the membership secretary asking you to renew. We all know that these sometimes get lost in the inbox and forgotten about. Save yourself the hassle and be a lifetime member!!


To request membership please email membership@edinburghtwins.co.uk